Without A Doubt, One Of The Best

"I've seen my share of psychologists and psychiatrists for generalized anxiety. Some were pompous and arrogant others let their personal viewpoints cloud an objective assessment of your issues. Lisa has all of the traits to make her one of the best in her business. I've always left feeling better about myself and with the mental tools to improve myself. In fact, Lisa Terry is the one most caring and empathetic people I've ever met in my life and a therapist I would recommend without hesitation."  adariscom


"I have been a client of Lisa Terry's for about 7 years, and have always found her to be very compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable. She has never disappointed me or let me down in any way, and i am very grateful to the person that recommended lisa to me. She has definately helped me have a better quality of life."  lisaf

Somewhere over the rainbow...

"At 56 it isn't easy to start life over again, clean up your field of dispare and move toward a life of bliss and happiness that you are certain exists... Lisa gave me the ability to look closely at myself, find the inner core of my feelings and focus on the path that holds truth in my life... thank you Lisa... my life not only includes the bliss and happiness now.... but the promise of growth that dismay's anything but the path to truth... much love to you..."  Eddie 

How could we ever thank her?

"I know there are no words to say thank you to Lisa for the love and care she gave to my son when he was suffering with OCD / Anxiety. We really wanted to try to help him through his struggles without medication and because of her techniques and constant affirmation, it worked. It was four difficult years but in the end, my son was finally free from his anxiety. She also provided my husband and I with tremendous support in how to help and encourage our son. I have recommended her to countless people and think of her with the highest regard. My son will never forget her care for him. Thank you so much Lisa! We love ya!"  lisafan 

Exceptional Counselor

"Ms.Terry was a blessing to my daughter and myself. The care she took with us each session was remarkable. She made us feel comfortable and we looked forward to our weekly discussions. Both my daughter and myself would highly recommed her!"  momofkb

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